ePon, LLC Rideshare & now implementing the  Non–Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a standard service provider with niche in NEMT that will be based in Connecticut’s 2nd district – United States of America without any limits and we will cover other cities of Connecticut state.

We chose to operate in these cities because we know that our services will be in high demand due to the growing numbers of population in these areas and of course the numbers of those who would need our services.

ePon, LLC Rideshare is a family business that is owned and managed by Ruben Arocho Velazquez the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the business;

He is a qualified 15 years of experience working as a business analytics, software development, public relations, transport and logistics with a high level of organization and leadership in Puerto Rico & United States of America.


Our Services

ePon, LLC Rideshare & NEMT is in the business of ensuring that we provide highly essential on-demand Rideshare & non–emergency medical transportation services.


These are the NEMT services that we will be offering to our clients;

·         Provide ambulatory transportation

·         Provide ambulatory on-demand transportation

·         Provide ambulatory folding wheelchair transportation

·         Provide ambulatory folding wheelchair on-demand transportation